It's Chile Trapped Underground

Earlier in the week people got really upset because a cat spent 15 hours in a bin. Right now there are 33 miners in Chile who are thinking, "Oh, p*** off!"

And now a hi-tech underground video camera was lowered half-a-mile down a shaft to see how the 33 trapped Chilean miners are coping.

A bunch of people who can't get out are being filmed. Just when you thought Big Brother was finally over...

The footage showed the workers, who have been stuck since August 5, stripped to the waist and appearing slim but healthy.

So they're skinny and they like taking their clothes off. It really is like Big Brother.

In a five-minute clip released by the Chilean government, the men are seen standing arm-in-arm, singing the national anthem and yelling: "Long live Chile, long live the miners!"

It would've been so much better if they started to sing, "Heigh-ho, heigh-ho. It's off to work we go..."

The rescue operation is under way but they have been told it may be Christmas before they are rescued.

You have to feel sorry for those guys. All of their shopping will have to be done last minute.

Experts from NASA have been drafted in to help.

Hang on. If you have something underground that you want bringing up to the surface quickly, you don't call NASA. You call BP.

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