Tony Blair - A Cheap Journey

Tony Blair's memoir is out. I can't wait to read it. As if living through it wasn't painful enough, you can now read the highlights.

It was originally going to be called "The Journey" but it was changed last minute to "A Journey". It's a small change but the right one.

"The Journey" implies there is only one journey, whereas there are actually loads of different journeys. I travelled back from Scotland this week. That was 'a journey' and not 'the journey' because at no point during the flight did I meet Noel Gallagher and invade a foreign country without due provocation.

Blair's book is already on sale for less than half price. It was meant to be £25 but WHSmith seem to think people will only be willing to pay £10 for it.

That must be because of the recession. I bet he wishes he had sacked Gordon Brown now.

Still, I don't think Mr Blair really worries about the book. He keeps himself busy. He's off to America to receive the Liberty Medal from Bill Clinton, a prestigious award given to people who pursue the "ideals and values upon which the United States was founded".

But Tony started a war that exploited the people native to a foreign land to get access to the natural resour... oh, I see. Carry on.

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