Jenny Thompson - The Rooney Vice Girl

The woman who Wayne Rooney paid for some sexual action has said she has slept with 13 other footballers.

Wow. She's the only woman whose fanny has a transfer window.

It says in The Star, "Vice girl Jenny Thompson was a 'magnet' for flash players in the trendy bars and clubs that she trawled."

She must have loved having sex with Chelsea players. Give them a tap on the ankle and they go down for ten minutes.

According to a source in the newspaper: "She deliberately targeted footballers because they're so rich, flash and fundamentally not the sharpest pencils in the box."

Yeah, and half way through they change ends.

The source added: "Some she really fancied and had genuine one-night stands with. Others she thought nothing of charging. She went missing from one bar with one of them and came back saying she'd given him a quickie in the loo and charged him £75.

But she charged Wayne Rooney £1,200.

I know he's not a looker but that still seems harsh. It would've been cheaper for him to just put a bag on his head.

Listen Jenny, if you don't like the look of someone, don't charge more, just face the other way. Actually, if she was facing the other way... that would probably cost more.

>Read the source story


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