Ricky Hatton's Drugs Shame

It's a Sunday, it must be time for the News of the World to ruin another celeb's life.

Yep, they're saying that boxing legend Ricky Hatton has been caught on camera snorting cocaine.

Tut. Doesn't he realise that snorting cocaine can really mess up your nose... oh, he's a boxer.

That's a bit like warning Ozzy Osbourne that a diet low in omega 3 could affect his brain function.

Ironically photos of Hatton have been emblazoned on taxis all over Manchester promoting the Crimestoppers campaign, urging the public to shop lawbreakers.

I bet he's glad he didn't do the adverts for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Rickey went on a shocking 10-hour drink and drugs binge. According to the newspaper, he poured a white powder on to a table top before cutting it into three massive lines with a credit card. Finally he expertly hoovered them up his nose through a rolled up £20 note.

That is more evidence that our sportsmen get paid too much. He should have to snort it through a £5 note like we all do.

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