Tony Blair Left With Egg On His Face

Tony Blair has cancelled a high-profile signing of his new book, "A Journey", because of fears of people throwing "missiles".

It actually said missiles in the paper. He had shoes and eggs thrown at him. If the missiles he used to attack Afghanistan were mainly shoes and eggs there wouldn't be the big mess happening over there. Although it's a hot country, so there would be a large, leathery omelette.

Eggs and shoes were thrown by demonstrators at a previous signing in Dublin and anti-war groups had promised a mass protest outside Waterstone's in Piccadilly, Central London. Tony said he cancelled the singing to spare people the huge cost.

He's right, because the kind of people who'd go on an anti-war demonstration aren't the kind of people who would buy the cheap caged hen eggs.

I think that's what happened in Dublin. Someone threw an egg at him and his bodyguard shouted, "Duck!" but the egg hit him and Tony said, "No. I think it was a Norfolk Grey."

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