Rooney Update‭ ‬-‭ ‬It's Coleen's Fault

According to the front page of the Daily Star today, Wayne Rooney says: "Preggers Coleen Drove Me To Tarts".

That's ridiculous.‭ ‬Surely he could afford a taxi.

I know it can be tricky if you ask the taxi to wait.‭ ‬You don't really enjoy your visit because you're aware that the meter's running.

It's typical of a man to blame his other-half when he cheats.‭ ‬Wayne says it's because she was pregnant.‭ ‬Some guys get the symptoms of sympathetic pregnancy.‭ ‬Let me guess,‭ ‬Wayne had some strange cravings too‭?

But the football love rat still said sorry in dramatic style yesterday by filling their‭ £‬5million mansion with flowers.

What card do you send with those flowers‭?

Roses are read
tripe is offal
I just had to prove
I could score in a brothel

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