Beckham's Bedroom Hatrick

A footballer in a sex scandal. Do you think the newspapers write these stories every time or do they just cut, paste and change a few names?

This time a 'hooker' has claimed David Beckham had a threesome with her.

Sounds like she's a schizo too. You can't have a three-in-a-bed session with only two people. Or is she saying it was David and his wife? Even then that only makes about 2.5 people by mass.

The headline seems a bit harsh, "Beckham's Fury At 3-In-Bed Hooker Claims". Fury? Come on, if you imply a bloke has had some three-way action, he's not furious. He takes it as a compliment but pretends to be upset to keep the missus happy.

But then you read the story and it says, "Irma Nici, 26, claimed he paid her £3,200 in cash to have unprotected sex at New York's Le Parker Meridien hotel in August 2007."

Ah, she claimed he paid for it. There's no compliment there. He's thinking, "Oi! I'm David Beckham. Haven't you seen the Armani ads, I could get it for free."

Wayne Rooney should say the same excuse to Coleen. She looks like she needs a good laugh.

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