Let's Get Physically Violent And Sent To Jail

Normally I like to write about news stories you may have heard of already but this one doesn't stand a chance. I was so shocked by the lack of a story in this news story I had to mention it.

A guy wearing a T-shirt that said, "Let's Get Physical", hit someone. And the paper thinks that's news?

It was a simply coincidence. It would be news-worthy if the guy went home first to change into a T-shirt that fit his actions. "You're throwing me out of this pub? Right, you just wait there. I'll be back in about half an hour dressed differently, and then you'll be sorry."

I love the idea of him going through his wardrobe trying to find the T-shirt that best fits his emotion. "Frankie Says Relax? No way! I Shot JR? Could be."

It's not even as if he hit the guy because his T-shirt told him to do it. No one treats the slogan on their top as a "What Would Jesus Do" bracelet. "This guy's really annoying me. What should I do, oh wise Fruit of the Loom?"

He's not the first guy who did something that just happened to fit what it says on his shirt. Wayne Rooney is sponsored by Nike, and their slogan is, "Just Do It".

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