William Hauge - I'm Not Into Men

William Hague issued an extraordinary statement hitting back at gossip about his sexuality. There had been rumours that he was having a gay affair with a special adviser, Christopher Myers.

I don't know why he took it all so seriously. As a fellow bald man, if someone implies that you are getting any sex you take it as a compliment.

The Foreign Secretary admitted he shared a hotel room with his special adviser while campaigning for the election.

As a nation, we're so childish. We drag the politicians over the coals for spending too much on their expenses and then, as soon as one makes a saving by sharing a hotel room, we go, "Er, sharing a room with a man? You love him!"

We might as well have said, "William and his adviser sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

William said rumours they were having an affair were false and mean spirited and declared he had never had a relationship with any man.

I think I can see how this got out of hand if someone from a newspaper spoke to someone who worked for the hotel.

REPORTER: Which room is William Hague in?
JANITOR: He's in room 201 with another man.
REPORTER: He has men who travel with him and stay in the same room?
JANITOR: Oh yeah, he has aids.
REPORTER: Ooooooh!

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