Lady GaGa Hospitalised

Lady GaGa has been in hospital six times last year because of her yo-yo dieting.

It's no surprise because there are very little vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in a yo-yo. It's just plastic and string.

I'm joking. I know that's not what yo-yo dieting is. It's when you go on an off of some really strict diets. It's a bad name for it because surely yo-yo dieting should be a better title for bulimia. As soon as the food goes down it comes up again. Now that's like a yo-yo.

And when you get really good at it you can do tricks. If you position your hands just right while you're trowing up you can do Rock The Cradle.

GaGa's tour manager, David Ciemny, said: "When I say she was sick, I mean physically and mentally."

She wears doilies over her face, often dresses up as a tree and even calls herself GaGa. And you didn't already guess she was a bit mental?

Last week Lady GaGa caused some upset when she said she sometimes uses cocaine because it aids creativity.

With a nose like that she should be on her seventh novel by now.

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