Simon Cowell Gets Left Behind

Simon Cowell's biography is the book most often left behind in hotel rooms.

Really? I thought it would be the bible. There's been one left in every hotel room I've been in. Those Christians are a forgetful bunch. That's why they're lucky Jesus's birthday lands on Christmas, or they'd probably forget.

Travelodge say more than 20 thousand books were left in its rooms last year.

It makes you wonder, what are the reasons for leaving a copy of Simon Cowell's biography? There are two. Some people bought, didn't like it, and couldn't be bothered to carry it home. Or is it that some people bought it, loved it so much they stayed in their Travelodge room during a holiday just to devour every page and left it so the next person to have that room can share in the joy?

In this case there could be a third reason. Some people are big fans of Simon Cowell, bought the biography but didn't realise that to enjoy a book you have to be able to read.

The most shocking thing about this news story is that it's an unauthorised biography. I'm surprised Simon Cowell hasn't written an autobiography because, from my days as a writer, I can remember the advice I was given, "If you want to be successful write about something you love."

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