Match Fixing Is Just Not Cricket

The cricket bribery scandal keeps growing and it led to fisticuffs at Lord's. England's Jonathan Trott and Pakistan's Wahab Riaz brawled over match-fix revelations. The pair grabbed each other by the throat and hurled four-letter abuse.

I don't know who won that fight but I heard Riaz was going to take a dive in the second round.

This comes after Ijaz Butt, the head of Pakistan cricket, says he believes England players have been paid to lose.

Well yeah. They're English sportsmen. That's what they do. If we didn't pay our sportsmen when they lost they'd all be on benefits.

All of this name calling and mud slinging came about because, on the weekend, a newspaper said illegal bookies in Dubai and India appeared to know in advance what would happen in Friday's Oval match.

Is that such a bad thing? Some of these cricket matches go on for five days. If we could find out the result at the start think of all the time we could save.

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