Anne Robinson - 'Love Is Expensive'

Anne Robinson has revealed that she believes love can be "expensive".

It can if you're Peter Crouch. £800 for a Spanish escort. There must be a comparison website that could've helped him. "Ho! Compare"?

She admitted that her divorce settlements were the largest amount of money she had spent on anything.

That was back when she was on the TV show Watchdog. Talk about a show that did exactly what it said on the tin, because whenever I saw it I was watching... well, you see where I'm going.

I'm being nasty because she once insulted the Welsh. They're my people. I come from a long line of Welsh people. And no, I don't fancy sheep. But put a woolly jumper on and I'm there.

Anne also claimed that she was once asked to run for mayor of London, saying: "The Tories once asked me to consider being the mayor of London."

If she would've run for mayor we could've ended up with a celebrity who keeps saying the wrong thing and is basically well-known for having embarrassing hair being in charge. Instead we got Boris. Hmm.

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