Alesha Dixon's Bald

The Daily Mail has been rather nasty to Alesha Dixon. They published a picture of her and said she is going bald.

I hope that's going to be the latest fashion. If this season we're going for baldness and a beer belly, I'm finally in.

Maybe she won't mind what they said because the newspaper also gave her some publicity. The said her new song is released on September 5 and the video sees her "ditch her girl-next-door image for something more provocative".

Oh, when I heard she was being re-branded I thought she was changing her name from Alesha Dixon to Alesha Curries Digital.

Look, let's be honest. She's not going bald. She just has the hair do they call the Croydon Facelift, where the hair is pulled back so tightly it drags the skin up. She's not bald, that's just the hairless skin that would normally be near her eyes.

The Croydon Factlift style will always make women look like they have less hair. Unless it's so tight it pulls skin up from lower down. Then they'd look like they have a goatee.

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