A Step Forward For Clocks

David Cameron may move the clocks forward permanently. Labour also think this is a good idea. But they want him to move the clocks 5 years forward and give them another election. It will be in order to allow Britons to enjoy longer evenings all year round. However, the Prime Minister has faced a backlash from Scotland, who argue that the move would be disastrous for the country. I'm up in Edinburgh right now and in the evenings people seem to drink and start fights. Longer evenings mean more drinking and more fights. By the end of the year the population could drop 50%. That's the main reason they don't like the clocks going forwards in Scotland. They worry it means closing time is nearer. I don't think they should move the clocks forward and keep them there. OK, it would make the country brighter at times when we need it, but it would mean we don't have to alter the clocks twice a year. That's one of the few things men do around the house. If we get rid of that the only job we will have is levelling up the toilet roll when the two ply get out of sync. Still, he wouldn't be the first Tory PM to make loads of men redundant.
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