Prisoners Go Home (Like E.T.)

Thousands of foreign prisoners are to be sent home to serve their sentences in their home countries.

The right wing newspapers are loving this story. It's right up their street. These are the same newspaper that got upset when youth offenders were sent on a holiday. How is it any different? You do a crime and they buy you a plane ticket.

OK, some of them will have to suffer cramped confinement, substandard food and a total lack of respect for their human rights, but that's what happens when you travel by RyanAir.

Did you know, it costs the taxpayer £38,000 to keep someone in jail for a year, that's more than the fees to send a pupil to Eton?

If you go to prison you'll meet other criminals and get better at crime, so when you get out you'll take from the good people of the UK. Whereas if you go to Eton you can become a Tory MP and you'll take from the good people of... you see what I'm saying.

So, if you want to save money don't send the criminals to prison, send them to Eton. Either way, they won't want to pick up the soap in the shower.

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