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Jason Manford quit the BBC's "The One Show" after admitting internet sex sessions with 12 female fans. The comedian revealed he had betrayed his wife with steamy chats to 12 girls on Twitter and video calls on Skype. It makes you think. First it was Leslie Grantham and EastEnders, now Jason Manford and The One Show. It's a good thing I didn't get a TV job before I bought this webcam. He announced his decision to leave the 7pm BBC1 show in a statement, saying: "I have decided after careful consideration to stand back from The One Show to concentrate on my family." It said in the newspaper that they are looking for a replacement for Jason Manford. Erm, *cough*, I'd be great. I flirt and ask for nude pictures all the ti.... ooh, you mean on The One Show? Forget it! He revealed he had spent hours in hotel rooms in conversation with scantily-clad female fans. Jason said: "If I was reading this about someone else, I'd think, 'How can he look at himself in the mirror?'" Eugh. You don't want to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror while you're having web sex. It would put you right off (and remind you you have bad posture). This whole episode just goes to show, I need to stop asking women for rude pix or stop trying to be a famous comic... Consider my forthcoming gigs cancelled.
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