More X Factor Judges

The four X Factor judges could be joined by a fifth, so that we don't have a re-run of the mess Cheryl Cole caused by refusing to cast her vote.

That's great news. I don't care about the X Factor but that's one more job filled and it all helps the unemployment figures.

Simon Cowell was putting the final touches to the shake-up after he invited fans to a 'brainstorming summit'.

Wow. X Factor fans brainstorming. I image it was more like drizzle.

Twenty of the fans were asked how the ITV1 show could be improved.

Really? And they said, 'More judges'? That's the last thing I'd say.

Trap doors for when someone is voted off. A law making Simon Cowell do up his shirt. A booster seat for Louis. Wolf from The Gladiators with a pugil-stick. Anything like that would come before, 'More judges'.

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