George W Bush's Memoirs

Today's Independent talks about George W Bush's memoirs.

Their headline is: "Regrets? Too few to mention."

Really, are you sure it shouldn't be "Too many to count"? And this is George W Bush, if he has more than ten regrets he'd have to take his shoes off to count them. If he had 21 he's have to get naked.

He doesn't regret water-boarding people. Let's be honest, he probably thinks water-boarding means surfing.

I don't think anyone is surprised by that. No one thought he'd be filled with regret about water-boarding suspected terrorists. In fact he's probably happy it also gave them wash.

The most shocking thing from these memoirs is that Bush says he had a competition with his political adviser Karl Rove to see who could read the most history books in a year.

I didn't even know Pete And Jane were in that many history books.

Rove won with 110 but Dubya wasn't far behind, he read 95 in all. To be fair to George he had all that colouring in to do too.

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