Student Riots

The biggest news of the week has t have been the NUS protest. That's the interesting thing about the NUS, National Union of Students; it's the only union that calls a protest not a strike. I suppose, if all the students went on strike and stopped working for a day it wouldn't bother too many people. For film studies students, how would we tell they'd stopped?

Police have now admitted they were caught off guard by the mayhem that erupted after thugs hijacked a demo of 50,000 students.

It's wrong that it should be remembered as a violent demonstration. Most of the students held a peaceful protest and only a few kicked off.

That's like thinking all Doctor Who actors are odd just because of Sylvester McCoy... and Tom Baker... and Christopher E... anyway.

People have said the police response wasn't big enough. I remember when the May Day protests used to take place. I worked in Centre Point in London and across the road is an Argos. Every year during the protests they would board up Argos in case of rioting. If you are into the destruction of property, Argos is the last place you'd go.

"I wanna smash something up. I wanna smash... (looks through catalogue)... one of those! (types in numbers) Damn it, they're out of stock."

Still, this protest has worked. We all now know that tuition fees will go up by 300%. Tut. That's expensive. I really hope I have stupid kids. I might start smoking.

P.S. Have a quick listen to the audio comments on this one. Listen here.

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