Royal Wedding - Should We Care?

Is this the biggest news ever and we haven't mentioned it yet on SomeNews... the royal wedding!

Since the news broke I have been working hard trying to give a sh*t about it. Hey, why should we care about a royal wedding these days? They're not like in the olden days when there's a chance it could end in a beheading. (Although there's a higher risk of traffic accident after – I wonder if that affects princesses' insurance? I'll call Shelia's Wheels later to see.)

Some people found it romantic that Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother's cherished engagement ring.

Yeah, second hand. Very romantic. And it was hardly a lucky talisman the last time.

Still, it does make it more interesting. I wish them well but what would happen if they split up? Would she get to keep the ring? Maybe, but she'd probably avoid any tunnels for a while.

One reason I have started to find the story more interesting is the money. According to the Sun a royal wedding could earn this country billions. If that's the case, why were people upset by Prince Charles' divorce? He was just milking a cash cow.

Some women have been upset because it means Prince William won't be marrying them. Really? Let's be honest, it wasn't likely anyway. And if you want to be with a balding man who has mummy issues... call me!

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