Breastfeeding At Work

Breastfeeding At WorkA great headline: "Breastfeed Your Baby In The Office".

I should point out, it means if you work in that office. Don't just turn up to someone else's place of work and start serving.

This is the news that mothers will be able to bring their babies to work and businesses will be asked to provide them with special breastfeeding facilities under Government plans to be announced this week.

A lot of the newspapers are moaning at this, but I think it's great. (I spend a lot of time sat in coffee shops in the week and if we can these babies out of Costa* and into the workplace I might actually get a seat.)

It said in the paper: "The controversial proposal set out in a White Paper could cost employers thousands a year and business leaders warned last night the move could threaten jobs."

Why would it threaten jobs? If anything it will improve productivity. Have you ever been sat near someone who's breastfeeding? As soon as you notice you think, "Well, I can't look. She'll think I'm a sicko who's into that. I won't take my eyes off my computer screen"

You'd get so much more work done you'd be promoted in weeks.

It comes after the European Parliament voted in favour of the Pregnant Workers Directive, which would introduce mandatory paid breastfeeding breaks for new mothers.

You can get paid to breastfeed? That makes Cash 4 Gold seem pointless.

Firms would have to allow the breaks, provide a breastfeeding area for the new mums and also provide a special separate fridge.

That last one isn't for the benefit of the mums, it's for everyone else. No one wants to make a drink at work and think, "Hmm, this tastes a bit... like Carol's boobs."

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* Seriously, why do people bring babies and toddlers to a place where every table has scolding hot liquid on it? Take them into the pubs; the drinks are no warmer than room temperature there.


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