Ireland Needs A Telethon

Looks like we'll be giving Ireland £7.5billion as part of a huge international bailout of £86billion.

Why not? It's not like we're in debt at the moment! Imagine trying that yourself. Get into massive debt and when the bank manager asks what you're doing with your money, say, "Oh, I'm just giving it away."

It will mean every British family paying about £440 to help save the Irish economy.

I don't mind paying money to help out those in a foreign country who are in need, but I at least expect a Comic Relief show or something. I'll pay up as long as I get to see Lenny Henry over there. Hey, if it's true about how much they drink over there he won't be the only one with a big red nose.

The only way Ireland will get out of their money troubles is to borrow but it is just a shame they have to ask us. Hey, Ireland, did you know Ocean Finance now have their own TV channel...

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