Prisoners To Vote

The good news: Those no-win no-fee lawyers are going to prison. The bad news: It's to get work, not because being an ambulance-chasing drain on society has been made illegal.

The Daily Mail claims that lawyers have set up shop in prisons to encourage inmates to claim compensation for not having the right to vote.

Why do they want the right to vote anyway? It's pointless. We all voted in the last election and ended up with a Government that no one asked for.

It's needless paperwork. I know it's just making a single mark but for prisoners that marks off another day.

The newspaper is ranting about it but I don't think we need to be worried. For a start, these people are in prison. They hardly have a sound track-record of picking good lawyers. And secondly, why should we be upset about votes for prisoners when we live in a country where the people who go on The Jeremy Kyle Show are allowed to vote in elections?

In fact the people on The Jeremy Kyle Show are a bigger threat as they're breeding, and that's one thing you can't do in prison.


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