Epic Multi-culturalism Fail

David Cameron has said that multi-culturalism hasn't worked. But the icing on the cake is, he said that in Germany. Nice. Did he wrap it up with the words, "So, who wants to hit Poland?"

He has been accused of playing into the hands of right-wing extremists. Well, it's about time he made the Tory grass-roots happy.

Cameron says those cultures should embrace British values. Before you can agree or disagree with that you have to nail what it is to be British.

I'd say being British is about enjoying tea, it's about moaning about the weather, it's about welling up when you think about the sweets they used to sell and the TV shows they showed when you were young. It's about eating bland food and slowly growing fat. I'm not sure that other cultures can really get that.

But most of all, bring British is about having a dislike for whoever is in charge, and after what David Cameron has said I think they'll have that sorted.


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