Jordan And Pete At War

The Daily Star says, "Jordan: Pete's Killing Me With Lies & Smears".

Well, I understand the lies part of it, but the other bits... he's not a doctor, don't let him do things like that.

You should've guessed he wasn't trained when he put an LED light on his forehead and got out a chopstick.

Jordan says Peter is trying to make out that she is a bad mother.

How is he doing that? Is he in charge of editing on her ITV2 show?

He implied she might be a bit of a bad mum because her daughter got a burn in a sauna, and she retorted: "I wish you'd get in your car, crash and die!"

But at least she never brought his parenting into question.

According to the newspaper, is has "sparked a bitter war of words between Kate and Pete". Now there's a war with small munitions!

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