Left Foot On Right Leg

Left Foot On Right LegDoctors in China have attached a left foot to a man's right leg.

Erm, I'm not a doctor but isn't that the wrong leg to put it on? Still, if he now has two left feet it won't stop him living a full life. It certainly didn't hold back Ann Widdecombe.

And if he has two left feet he could nick from the displays in shoe shops.

It was a patient whose severed left foot was attached onto the calf of his right leg in a desperate bid to save it. Ma Jun lost his foot after he slipped into a concrete mixer while working on a building site.

While the doctors are waiting for the damage to the end of the stump to heal they kept the foot alive by putting it on the back of his right leg.

Fancy dropping into a cement mixer. I mean, really. When he realises what he's done, he'll kick himself. He will anyway, every time the foot flops.

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