Clever Sheep

New research says sheep are far more intelligent than previously thought.

Either that or GCSEs have got a lot easier.

In the old days scientists only thought sheep could count up to 3 (Source: Bar Bar Black Sheep, how many bags full) but researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered that the animals are much brighter.

They found the sheep can adapt to changing situations and map out their surroundings.

They're covered in wool and they can adapt. That makes them sounds like pensioners... apart from the adapting bit.

In some tests, the flock of seven Welsh Mountain sheep showed equal brainpower to humans.

That doesn't make me wonder about the sheep, it makes me wonder about the humans they used in this test. Maybe they're saying most humans are as dim as sheep. We'll find out when I get on the London Underground and shout, "Mint Sauce!"

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P.S. Let's hope they don't get too clever...



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