Man Arrested For Hitler Salute

A Canadian man was arrested in Berlin on Saturday for making the Hitler salute.

If you want to do that and get away with it the key is to shout, "...and he was this tall," while you're going it.

The 30-year-old from Quebec was in front of the Reichstag when he made the salute, which is illegal in Germany.

I never understand that. Of all the things that Hitler did, surely the salute wasn't the worse. Surely the brutal regime and evil eugenics plans were the things to focus on. The silly wave, not so bad.

That's like saying, "We hate what Gaddafi has done to his people so we're going to ban cheap plastic surgery."

And how embarrassing if you get sent to prison for doing a salute.

Man 1: "What are you in for?"
Man 2: "Putting my hand up."
Man 1: "That's ironic, cos you just dropped the soap!"

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