One-Man Family

The Daily Mail today gives us this story on the front page: "Woman of 57 gives birth to her own grandson". (You might need to zoom in on the image by clicking to see that bit)

So that kind of makes the kid his own father? Is that right? Well, at Christmas he'll have to buy himself a gift. At least he'll get something he really wants. It'll be odd when he gets into his teens and has to give himself 'the talk' about the birds and the bees.

Does that mean that he is also a bit like his mum's brother? They were both given birth to by the same woman. That means he is his own uncle. It's the first time in history where he could be touched by his uncle and no one could report it.

Although, if he is his own dad AND his own uncle that means his uncle is his dad and therefore he is his own cousin.

It's not technically illegal for cousins to marry, but in his case, I think it's the last thing that family needs. It would make it too complicated.


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