Junk Food's Plus Side

Junk Food's Plus SideFinally, some good news in the papers. The Daily Mail says "Junk Food Diet Hits A Child's IQ".

Good to know. So now, when I start a family I know what to do to make sure I never have to pay those massive tuition fees.

By feeding out kids we are making them, not only fatter, more stupider too. If we keep this up street crime will plummet. It won't be long till we won't be afraid when we a group of teens hanging around on a street corner. In fact, when you get nearer you'll see, it's not a group it's just two teens, but they're so fat it looks like more.

If one of them tried to mug you it won't be hard to out run them. Run upstairs. It's like fighting Dalaks.

OK, they could take the lift, but those buttons in lifts have numbers written on then, and thank god we made the kids stupid. Anything above floor 2 and they won't be able to count that high.


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