O.A.P. - Old Aged Prostitute

There's a lovely story in the news about a woman called Milly Cooper. She started working as a prostitute after World War II ended. They really did have a ration book for everything back them.

She needed the money and to make ends meet she turned to the old profession. But guess what. She's still at it.

It must be like screwing Mumm-ra.

She's now 96. I knew they'd increased the retirement age but blimey!

According to the paper she still rakes in £50,000 a year from her sex services. But most of that has to be spent on new hips.

Cooper claims she has slept with 3,500 men and has regular clients aged between 29 and 92, who pay up to £800 a time to be with her.

Who can afford that much money, unless they were earning good money by playing football on the weekends by I'm sure there's no one who would fit that description. Ooops!

She has an interesting take on the modern world. She said: "Nowadays, the girls have vast boobs and skinny bodies and parade around half-naked. In my day, we would call those girls trollops."

But these days we call them Jordon.

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