Berlusconi's Not Worried

Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi is just amazing. His luck is almost as unbelievable as his hair-line. He has avoided corruption charge after alligation. But maybe that luck is about to come to an end. It looks like he'll have to face charges of paying an under-aged prostitute for sex.

That's the triple-whammy if you think about it: Paying for sex, sleeping with someone under-age and, therefore... child labour.

But at a press conference he said, "I'm not worried at all."

Really? He's an old man on trial for paying a beautiful 17-year-old Moroccan girl, Karima El Mahroug, for sex... and there will be a panel of three female judges. I'm worried for him.

Even without the prostitution angle, if he was caught just looking at an attractive 17-year-old girl they'd find him guilty.

Berlusconi dismissed the case as a 'farce'. He might have a point. Dirty old man, attractive late-teens girl. All this needs is a vicar and some patio doors and it would be up there with Molière.

He's also facing alliterations of throwing sex parties. Basically, his reputation is in tatters, everyone thinks his a sleazy misogynist who has been obsessed with sex, and if this trial sticks his political career is over. Then what would he do?

I hear Sky Sports are looking for a new presenter.

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