This is the new threat to the scummy youth: "Behave or we take your iPod".

Let me get this right, you find the young folk who have just proved their criminal intention by breaking a law, you don't lock them up but you take something off them so they now have a list of stuff they need to nick.

Well, there's a law that will lead to an increase in iPod thefts.

That's like bringing in a law when anyone caught by a speed camera gets a £60 fine, 3 points and has to leave the house 10 minutes late every day. Get that guy from Gladiators - "Criminals, you will go on my second whistle..."

The other thing about this criminal system overhaul is that ASBOs are being replaced. The Anti-Social Behaviour Order will be replaced by the new behaviour order.

That's the best thing the Government has ever come up with. ASBOs don't work because yobs are proud to have one. "Look at me, I is so tough because I as got an ASBO," they would boast with their street grammer.

Not any more! No one will want to say, "Check me, yeah, I as got a BO problem!"


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