Lindsay Lohan In Court

Lindsay Lohan has been in court for nicking a necklace.

It seems ironic because the last time she went to court they gave her an ankle bracelet.

Lindsay pleaded not guilty to stealing the bit of jewellery that costs $2,500. You know what it's like, you try something on in the shop but you want to know what it looks like in proper daylight... or while you're running from cops... or if it would suit you in a pawn shop.

I was reading about it on the Yahoo news site and they said: "Dressed in a tight-fitting short white dress with sunglasses and a pony-tail, the 24-year-old said nothing as she arrived."

She didn't need to say anything. That dress was so tight we could tell she hadn't nicked anything on the way to the court.

Judge Keith Schwartz told her, "Please don't push your luck. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"

Lindsay replied, "Yes sir."

I don't think she did. What he meant was, "Ruin another franchise from our childhoods like you did with that Herbie film and you'll get the chair!"

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