Iron Man Robs Banks

In superhero news: A man robbed a bank wearing an Iron Man mask. The thief entered the bank in Palm Coast, Florida at about 4pm on Thursday the 20th of June 20, disguised as the Marvel superhero.

Tut. No, no, no, no, no! He's bang out of order. I don't mean about the robbing, for all I know they're insured. It's the Iron Man disguise. It's all wrong.

Firstly, Iron Man is a good guy. If you're going to rob a bank why don't you dress up as one of the movie villains. Dress up as The Green Goblin and no one will see your face. Go as Bane and you can have fun doing the voice. Go as General Zod and it'll be another crime pegged on Peter Sutcliffe's record.

OK, I know some superheroes can turn bad. Red kryptonite has made Superman turn evil before so it wouldn't be a surprise if he went bank robbing. But not Iron Man. Tony Stark is so rich he wouldn't rob a bank. If a mega rich man wants to immorally take money from a bank he'd just get a job there.

But even worse, of all the superheroes to pick he picks Iron Man, a man wearing a massive metal suit... to rob one of the few types of buildings in America that have metal detectors. Totes knobhead.

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