Bucket List Sends Women To Jail

Two women in America ended up in prison because of their bucket lists. Just to clarify, a "bucket list" is the new name of things to do before you die. It sounds more like the kind of thing Frankie Cocozza would have tattooed on his bottom if he only dated MILFs.

One of the things they wanted to do before they died was stealing something from a store. They were caught and now face charges.

Well, what did they expect? Just because something is on your bucket list doesn't mean you should get away with it for sentimental reasons, or all criminals would update their list. "Things to do before I die: Rob a bank..."

Police say 36-year-old Andrea Mobley and 38-year-old Jennifer Morrow face petty theft charges after stealing bathing suits and beef jerky.

I'm assuming just "stealing" was on the list. If your bucket list states "steal bathing suits and jerky" you're very much a details person.

Mobley said they were "two stupid women" doing something they'd never done before. She added she's ashamed.

But look on the bright side, if you put "go to jail" and "get touched up by another woman in the showers" on your bucket list, you can tick them off right away.

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