UK Spies On Our Google & Facebook

The Guardian tells us more about its snooping scandal. It's a tricky one. Some people have the attitude of, "Well, if you don't have anything to hide then you shouldn't really mind." Hmm, I'm not hiding anything in my pants but I don't really want everyone having a look in there.

The Guardian tells us that the "UK used Google and Facebook to spy on us". But then, even I use Google and Facebook to spy on people. If I ever want to make sure my ex hasn't got too much happiness in life I turn to my web browser. You can't mind if the Government finds out what you've been up to by looking at your Facebook page, Facebook is where you tell people what you're up to. You can't moan about invasion of privacy when you Instagram every flipping meal you cook.

In fact, the little worry is that these intelligence agencies are just Googling us. You expect better. It's like getting a taxi and seeing they use a sat nav.

The big worry here is that the Government thinks terrorists plan their terrorism via Facebook. Do these baddies organise it using Facebook events. "Al Qaeda invented you to Blowing Yourself Up In A City – Join, Maybe, Decline?"

Do they hold a tweet-up? "Suicide bombing today? Who's up for it? #YOLO". And if terrorism were planned using Google Hangouts we'd all be safe.

And it's only metadata, details of who you contacted, not what you sent them. If they could get access to the pictures of what I show people on Skype I don't think I'd like that. As I said, I don't want everyone having a look at what's in my pants.


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