Postman Pees On Doorstep

An Exeter postman has been caught urinating on a couple's doorstep.

That's disgusting but my postman is so bad he'd probably put a card through my letterbox and urinate on my neighbours' doorstep.

The newspaper said that he will face "internal disciplinary measures" for his actions. I should think so. I get annoyed with all the little red elastic bands left all over the garden but at least they don't start to smell as they dry.

Luke Osborne and Keyleigh Rawlings had noticed wet patches on their doorstep a few times so they hid to see if it was some drunk leaving them pee presents. They were shocked to find it was the postman. That's what happens if you don't give them a tip at Christmas.

Luke said: "Keyleigh is expecting our baby... and it is just so unhealthy."

Ah, that's nice, she's going to have a baby. That's another delivery that'll leave a wet mess.

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