Sex And The City Cures Crabs

You'll meet many people who go on about how people these days don't read enough books, and that they spend too long watching TV. The assumption in there is that books are good for you and TV is bad for you. Well, since when did books fix up your genitals?

Yes, a new study has found that TV has been instrumental in nearly wiping out pubic lice. I'm not at all surprised. Some of the shows on TV like Embarrassing Bodies have put so many people off sex STIs must think there's a strike on.

But the TV show that has been helping wangs and fannies is Sex And The City. The show started the trend for removing pubic hair. After looking at those four women some men would've removed more than just the hair down there, so that helped too.

Doctors from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD doctors? You're kidding me.) believe that they have now pin-pointed the moment the trend went global after an episode of Sex and the City which aired in 2000. Since then sexual health clinics around the world have reported that the once common complaint is now extremely rare.

It's interesting that the trend for removing pubic hair has been so helpful. It's actually a contentious issue. I was in a conversion with a woman after a gig recently who was talking at me about the fact that men preferring women without pubic hair is wrong. She said a lack of hair down there is a sign of prepubescence and that any man who prefers that to a hairy woman is in some way a sicko. The reason I mention this is that about 20 minutes earlier in the conversation she said she'd never date a man with a beard. Clearly a nonce.

So, the trend of removing pubic hair, while frowned upon by some, has turned into a positive news story. Well, for humans. Meanwhile in pubic lice news the headlines are: "Deforestation Kills Millions!"

And somewhere, the pubic lice version of Sting is holding a concert.

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