Where Does Pasta Come From

I saw a headline that read:

"95.1% of Brits don't know where pasta came from"

And I thought, "LOL. Divs. It comes from the shops."

But that's not what they mean. Just over 19 out of 20 get the country of origin of pasta wrong. "How they can be so dumb?" you may ask. "Can't we stop these people having the vote?" you may protest. So, what country does pasta come from? It's China.

And that's not as in, "Tut, everything these days is made in China, no wonder the West's economy is screwed." That's actually the case, pasta was first invented in China. But when you go on to invent fireworks you probably don't mind Italy taking some of your spares.

The same survey threw up a few other interesting ones.

Worcestershire Sauce isn't from Worcestershire it's from Bengal. Which makes me really look twice at Red Leicester cheese. And Lincoln Green. And the Earl of Wessex; that's not even a place now!

Lasagne actually came from Greece. Again, those Italians with the nicking of others' foods. If pizza turns out to be from somewhere else I'm going over to Italy to have a word. Although the Hawaiian pizza isn't looking too good for them.

Here's a chocker, Vindaloo is from Portugal. They should've fought harder to keep the rights to that because it doesn't leave them with many famous exports.

Cheesecake is originally from Ancient Greece. They went about shouting Eureka when they got in a bath but didn't go mad when they invented that? Priorities, all wrong.

But best of all, French Fries are from Belgium. Well, that's what they speak there, so it's fair enough. If you name a food after what is spoken in a place, if the Houses of Parliament ever create a dish we'll be able to have a slice of Bullshit Pie.

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