Woman Take Horse to McDonalds

Up in Manchester, a woman was told that she couldn't take her horse round the McDonald's drive-thru. That's a shame as it was the only modern day practical use for someone with jousting skills.

So the woman took her horse into the actual McDonald's restaurant because she couldn't go round with the cars. She took it up to the counter and the guy working there said, "Why the long face?"

He probably didn't, but it's a shame.

Customers then watched on in horror as the animal went to the toilet on the floor. I heard a rumour that one of the customers got covered in horse shit. Don't worry, he's in a stable condition.

Police were called and the woman was handed a fixed penalty notice fine for 'causing alarm and distress' to customers trying to eat their lunch.

In her defence, I think people should be allowed to take their horses into McDonald with them. You know, visit their extended family.

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