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A scientific study has looked into the phenomenon of sexting - that's sex texting. I tried sexting once, it was great. It certainly got those PPI people to leave me alone.

The study found that 80% of 21-year-olds have received raunchy 'sext' messages and couples do it the most. Which makes sense because if you get a sexually explicit SMS from someone who isn't your partner, it's not sexting, it's a reason to call the police.

The same study finds that just under 50% of young adults have shared nude or semi-nude photos of themselves using a smartphone. Probably 50% of older people would send nude photos on their smartphone too, if they knew how to use their smartphone. As it is they'd sent loads of photos of their naked ear, close up.

The stats break down as around 46 percent of young people have sent revealing or nude photos of themselves to another person using a mobile phone, while 64 percent have received them. So that's 18% who are having a flirty relationship with a spam bot.

Apparently men send more sexts than woman and they send them to more people. I hope that means they're being unfaithful. If not it means they're just really bad at picking the right name from their contacts. As a man who once flirted by text with a woman who had the same first name as my sister I can tell you to double check you're sending it to the right person.

I think the advent of unlimited text bundles on mobile phones helps men send more sexts. If we had to pay per text we'd get the whole thing into 160 characters.

Wot U wearing? Tk off. Tuch self. Feel gud? Hrder! Fster! Now jump up/dwn on spot. Call me yr bich! God ye! Ye! Finished. Pls mk me a sandwich. :o)

I don't sex text, or sext as you call it when it's rude, I use Whatsapp. Or Twatsapp as you call it when it's rude.

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