Women Think of Sex Hourly

The same old survey has been done again. This time apparently men think about sex every 28 minutes and women think about it every 51 minutes. So once an hour women are in the mood? Great, but the trouble is, if we use our times tables, we can work out that our sexy thoughts happen in the same minute once ever 23.8 hours, and we're probably asleep by then, so no wonder we miss out.

The difference with this study is that it found women thought about sex more frequently than they used to, and the papers called it the "50 Shades of Grey effect". The theory is that so many women bought those books, realised they're rubbish and would rather go f*** than carry on reading?

The study asked students to record every time they thought about sex, food and sleep each day. I remember from my student days that'd be a very full sheet.

It yet again disproves the old saying that men think about sex every seven seconds. Of course that couldn't be true. That would mean we'd think about sex 514 times an hour. As if we men think about anything that much.

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