Naked People In A Zoo

I like to visit zoos. You can often see something wild, natural and worryingly hairy, and today was no different. Hundreds of people ran naked around London Zoo.

It was men and women, some of whom wore body paint to look like different animals. I'm hoping there was a naked man painted to look like an elephant. And the other elephants in the zoo would be thinking, "Good luck trying to drink with that!"

They were raising money for a rare subspecies of tiger. I couldn't work out how running through a zoo would raise you money. The last time I went for a run naked I didn't get paid. In fact I had to pay a fine.  And now I'm banned from Farm Foods for life. (It's cold in there. That's my excuse.) But this sponsored streak had 300 runners strip off when the zoo was closed.  The only people who could watch were the sponsors.  You had to pay to watch. It's like porn but the naked people don't get the money, it goes to the tigers. OMG, these tigers are pimps!

And now you know that tigers are pimps I don't think it's sugar that Tony has been putting on those Frosties. Oh, the first bowl is free...

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