Blue Drivers See Red

A new and totally useful study has found that people who drive BMWs are the most aggressive. Oh really? I never guessed. We all thought the BMW drivers were zooming up behind and flashing us out of the way with love.

Blue BMW drivers are the worst offenders apparently, which is mixed news. It's good to know who the bad drivers are but you can't do anything to get them back as there's a strong chance a blue BMW is an unmarked copper.

It's unsurprising to find that men are worse for aggressive driving than women. Male drivers admit they lose their temper behind the wheel on average seven times a month. Seven?! Where are they driving, heaven? I can manage seven by the end of the road.

Women get road rage three times a month apparently. And let me guess, those three days when the anger happens are consecutive in the month, yeah?

Apparently 5.45pm on a Friday is the peak time for road rage. Is that because people are in a rush to get home to see Crackerjack? (I like my cultural references to be nice and up to date on this site.)

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