Coffee Could Kill You

Health news. It's a nightmare. One week something is good for you, the next it's bad for you. Alcohol, sun bathing and masturbation have all received confusing reports. One minute they're good for your health, the next thing they're the reason why you're being asked to leave the municipal park.

Now we're being old that coffee could kill you. I first realised that was the case when I read in the news that US gun owners took part in a "Go Armed to Starbucks" week to thank the coffee chain for letting them carry pistols in the branches. Now there's a queue no one is going to push into. And it's a bad idea. I know what I'm like before I've had my coffee, and if there's one thing we know about people queuing up in Starbucks it's that they haven't had their coffee yet.

But that's not what this story is about. Scientists have found that drinking more than four cups of coffee a day could be shortening your life.

Yeah, you won't live as long, but you'll get more done in those fewer years, so it works out. It's like overclocking your computer's processor. Yeah, you'll burn it out quicker but you'll get more stuff done in the meantime.

I should declare a bias. I love coffee. It's my life force. It's like taking an antidote for the natural grumpy arse that I am. So I was upset to read that the research found the risk of death from all causes rose by more than 50% for coffee lovers younger than 55 who drank more than 28 cups a week.

Not "all" causes surely? I bet "death by falling asleep at the wheel" dropped. And there'd be a marked reduction in "death by being beaten up by your male friends when you ask for a green tea".

Dr Carl Lavie, from Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, said: "There continues to be considerable debate about the health effects of coffee."

Considerable debate. So there are good things and bad things. I guess, until they work it all out, there's no point losing any sleep over it. Which is good because with the amount of coffee I drink I only get about 5 minutes.

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