Switzerland's Sex Drive-In

You know this website, never one to miss a news story that's about sex.

In Zurich, Switzerland, a "sex drive-in" has been opened. I'm not quite sure if the drive-in is the same as you get with fast food restaurants. Do you go to one window, place your order, drive to a second window where someone leans into the car and... actually, that could work.

The drive-in, located in a former industrial zone in the west of the city, just under the Medieval zone and next to the Aztec zone and... sorry, wrong map. It has a lane where the sex workers can show off their assets and negotiate a price. It's hoped that the scheme will be safer for the workers.

There are also nine so-called "sex boxes", where sex workers and their clients can park and conclude the transaction.

Basically, someone has industrialise make out point. You can park and get up to naughties. It's like dogging without the risk that rain could ruin it.

It makes sense that they would have something like this. It's a country famous for its Dignitas, so it's nice they make something else legal that's less moribund.

As a result of the drive-in opening, the central Zurich area of Sihlquai - where barely dressed street walkers have long plied their trade, openly and sometimes aggressively, to the dismay of residents and businesses - will become off-limits to prostitution.

It's like when large supermarkets drew people away from the High Street. It'll be good for a while, the customers will be happen but at some point they'll realised it's just not quite the same. And Mary Portas will be brought in to bring the old ways back.

So, we'll keep up to date with the developments on this story and wish the sex drive-in all the best. And maybe it will be as successful as the other drive-ins. It certainly puts the happy in the Happy Meal.

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