Mad Friday

Mad FridayGet ready, it's Mad Friday. If you don't know what that means it's just the Friday before Christmas when a lot of people will go for a drink. That doesn't really sound that mad. If it were a Friday when a lot of people sat rocking back and forth, or dressing up as their dead mums, I could work with that. Or even better, Mad Friday should happen on a Thursdays. That really would be mad.

Extra staff have been brought in to deal with the annual peak in the consequences of overindulgence.

Why do you need extra staff to help with sleeping with an ugly colleague? That's the main consequence of all overdoing it at the office party, isn't it? I don't see how paramedics can help with that. Although, paramedics have to stay sober all night. It would be handy to have someone like that around to say, "Oooh, mate. I'd leave it if I were you. She works in accounts. You'll never get paid on time if you mess this up."

Laura Palts of the London Ambulance Service said, "People fall over, hit their heads, twist their ankles and so on, but mostly they're just very drunk and need looking after."

The worst drink-related injury I ever got was when I tried to photocopy my bum at an office party. The trouble was, it was only a small office and the photocopier was built into the phone and fax machine. You know, where you have to feed the paper through. It still brings tears to my eyes.

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