Men Don't Think About Sex Every 7 Seconds

Man think about sex every 7 secondsYou know what they used to say, that men think about sex every 7 seconds. That always used to worry me because I didn't think about sex every 7 seconds. Sometimes 7 seconds would pass and I wouldn't think about anything, let alone sex.

Good news, I'm not a fancy dandy boy who needs to man-up. A new study has found we blokes actually think about sex just 19 times a day.

That works out to once every 1h15m47s. But I don't think the average is a useful figure. Most of the 19 times we think about sex will be used up at one time; like just before having sex.

During foreplay you'd probably use about say 10 to 12 of them. During actually sex you'd think of sex once followed by football, football, football, Margaret Thatcher... sex. Finished.

In total that's about 14 thoughts about sex all use up in one session. Of course that leaves about 5 times we'll think about sex to be spent in the next 23 hours and 54 minutes.

Those 5 times of thinking about sex could happen at any time but you pray they don't happen as you're watching Loose Women.

The same study says women think about food more than they do sex. Which explains why one of the recent Daily Mail headlines we featured on this site was UK Women Are The Fattest, and not UK Women Are The Slaggiest.

Psychologists from Ohio University pointed out that if men really thought about sex every 7 seconds that would be 8,000 times during a waking day. I'm so glad that's not true because we've all met overbearing blokes whose handshakes last a good 15 seconds. I don't want to have turned them on twice during that.

So, the scores are this, men think about sex 19 times and food 18 times a day. Whereas women thought about food 15 times a day and sex 10 times.

That's a total of 37 for men and only 25 for women. And you say men aren't thinkers. Tut!

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